Bullers of Buchan

Bullers of Buchan

Beautiful rock formations, Bullers of Buchan, Scotland.

Bullers of Buchan, located in Buchan, Aberdeenshire, north-east coast of Scotland.
It is a collapsed sea cave forming an almost circular chasm with a diameter of 30 meters, where the sea rushes in through a natural archway. The cliffs at the Bullers provide a nesting site in spring for colonies of seabirds including kittiwakes, puffins, fulmars, shags, razorbills, guillemots along with several species of gulls.
The name “Bullers” has probably been derived from the French “bouillir”, meaning “to boil”, as the water in the pot appears to boil during stormy weather, but another explanation says that the word is an old Scottish word meaning “rushing of water”.



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