Tromsø from the top of the cable car (Norway).


East Iceland – Fjords and Deserts

East Iceland – Fjords and Deserts

Along the Ring Road, exploring Austurland, also known as Austfirðir (Eastfjords), the eastern region of Iceland characterized by enchanting fjords and desertic landscapes. The biggest town in the region is Egilsstaðir, with a population of about 2300.

[07:53] Petra’s Stone Museum is a massive collection of stones placed in a beautiful garden. It is not only the stones that make this museum unique but also birds and plants. Petra started to collect stones when she was a child and she collected them for over 80 years. The museum was once home to Petra and her family but now it is home of her stones.

[08:59] Hallormsstaðarskogur, The biggest forest in Iceland, is found on the banks of the lake Lagarfljót.
Lagarfljót (also called Lögurinn) is a large lake situated near Egilsstaðir. Its surface measures 53 square kilometres and it is 25 kilometres long. The River Lagarfljót flows through this lake.
As with the Scottish lake Loch Ness, a cryptid serpent, called Lagarfljótsormurinn by locals, is believed to live in the depths of Lagarfljót.

[10:59] Ódáðahraun, the Desert of Misdeeds, with its  6000 km², is the vastest lava desert in the world, forged by ten millennia of volcanic eruptions.
It could be easily understood why the area was used for training by the Apollo 11 crew as Earth’s nearest approximation to the moon.

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