Faroe Islands: Where All the Storms Come From

Faroe Islands are rugged and rocky, the coasts are mostly cliffs. Spectacular dramatic sea cliffs are a common element of the coast, with some of the highest in the world. An other common element is water. Rivers and streams are continuously fed by frequent rains caused by an instable climate originated from the position of the archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, in the path of depressions moving north-east. Stunning waterfalls can be found everywhere on the islands creating a suggestive, fashinating and wild landscape.


Arctic sunset

Arctic sunset

Sunset over the Disko Bay from the Arctic Hotel (Ilulissat, Greenland).

VIDEO → Approaching Greenland.
VIDEO → Qôrqut (Qooqqut), west Greenland.

Sounds of Silence

Twilight/Dusk during the polar night, Oldervik, Troms county (Northern Norway). In this region the sun is hidden behind the horizon from from 28 November to 14 January (the video was taken on the 5th of January at 11.30AM).

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