Tromsø from the top of the cable car (Norway).


Mystic journey in Middle Earth

Wonders of New Zealand: Middle Earth.

The Southern Alps (Māori: Kā Tiritiri o te Moana) are a mountain range extending along much of the length of New Zealand’s South Island, reaching its greatest elevations near the island’s western side.
The range runs 500 km north to south. The tallest peak is Aoraki / Mount Cook, the highest point in New Zealand at 3,724 metres (12,218 ft) and there are sixteen other points that exceed 3,000 metres (9,800 ft) in height. The mountains are cut through with glacial valleys and lakes.
The Southern Alps lie along a geological plate boundary, part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, with the Pacific Plate to the southeast pushing westward and colliding with the northward-moving Indo-Australian Plate to the northwest.

Sounds of Silence

Twilight/Dusk during the polar night, Oldervik, Troms county (Northern Norway). In this region the sun is hidden behind the horizon from from 28 November to 14 January (the video was taken on the 5th of January at 11.30AM).

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The incredible geology of Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

The majesty of Vestmannabjorgini (Vestmanna sea cliffs), Streymoy (Faroe Islands).

Known as the Vestmannabjorgini, these majestic sea cliffs rise up to 600 meters above the turquoise hues of the churning sea below roughly halfway between Vestmanna and Saksun, on the north side of Streymoy, Faroe Islands.
The cliffs are characterized by their numerous clefts and green blankets of luxuriant grass and mosses (sheep graze quite undisturbed on the clifftops).
The boats that sail here give an unparalleled view of the cliffs and the birds as they weave in between the numerous sea stacks and in and out the narrow straits bound by sheer rock walls and dark echoing grottoes.
These soaring cliffs provide safe nesting places during the summer months (May-August) for thousands upon thousands of seabirds, above all puffins, guillemots, razorbills and gulls.